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Which apple is right for you?
Here is some information about a sampling of the apples grown in Iowa

Red Delicious – juicy, sweet taste, bruises easily, best use – eating, salads
Jonathon – sweet, tart taste, firm texture, best use – eating fresh and cooking
Gala – sweet and juicy, crisp texture, best use – eating fresh, applesauce
Golden Delicious – crisp white texture, sweet juicy taste, best use – salads, baking
Yellow Delicious - popular yellow skin apple; soft skin and flesh; sweet white flesh, best use -
Honeycrisp – sweet, juicy, great tasting, best use – eating fresh
Jonagold -- Firm, juicy, slightly tart, flesh, best use – eating, cooking .

(order based on 2006 data of acres planted in Iowa)

Apple Recipe

Harvest time can vary from year to year and by fruit variety. A good indication of apple maturity is when apples begin to drop from trees. Also check to see that the flesh color at the bottom of the apple has turned from a green to a yellow green. Not enough? Take a bite, the mature apple should be sweet and no longer bitter.

How to properly pick an apple:
Picking is done by rolling or twisting the apple away from the fruit spur.


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